Global SCRUM GATHERING Munich 2016

3 days conference is exhausting. But it did worth it!
I like the most of the conference is the Open Space.
It’s just amazing! I couldn’t imagine how three hundreds people can be self-organized to work out a day agenda in half a hour. But the result was so surprising. There were three scenes I just couldn’t believe.
  1. the topic volunteer session had been closed in 30 mins and more than 30 topics were proposed
  2. at the end everybody liked at least one session they participated
  3. the voice of machine ending was so fantastic! (i hope i can find the video)
 I can’t tell the magic of self-organization. But it’s really powerful!
Here is a list of all topics I liked.
Day 1
  • The systemic Scrum Master – Marc Loeffler
Take away: PASSION model(Passion, Adaptable, Strong vision, Strength oriented, Independent, Oneness, Nimble)
Day 2 Open space
  • Role Play: Coach uncoachable coachee – Sebastian Keller
Take away: show empathy to uncoachable coachees
  • Agile games – Christo
Take away: Name for multitasking; Non-music chair for new group; Airplane factory for scrum team work
  • Presentation Karaoke
Take away: build up presentation skill and have fun
Day 3
  • Doing half the work in twice the time – Wolfgang Richter
Take away: being lazy might be productive, efficient and effective; sleep urgency for two days
  • Selling the “Fluffy” Side of Scrum – Paul Goddard and Geoff Watts
Take away:
Being emphatic and neutral
Having hope of all challenges
Visualize the hope
  • Experimenting and learning with Origami – Tom Mellor
Take away: how to deal with “bad” product owner



(with Tom Mellor, ex-chairman of Scrum Alliance, a funny guy:)
Closing keynote
  • Dealing with Uncertainty – Nigel Baker, a brillant guy
Take away: passion + Zen
The last but not the least, new friends brought much more fun!
(From left to right: Dymitri, Anna, Donna, Tom and me)

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